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Our goal is to create the required level of awareness on the EU GDPR legislation, its potential impact on businesses and individuals within the EU and the overall implication of the world business climate.

Gain insight into GDPR compliance and be enlightened for improved performance!

GDPR - General Data Protection Regulation

EU legislation with provisions that safeguard your personal details. The emphasis of the law is on the consent of individuals over the use of their own personal data. Right to get rid of data when a customer no longer patronizes and organization and more. 

The bottom line remains that these are great news for customers as businesses would have to make relevant adjustments to avoid litigations.


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Important Things You Need To Know
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What is GDPR And How Does It Affects You?

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GDPR Books & Courses

We do recommend some of the best books and courses available on the market on GDPR. You can always click on the links provided and get these if needed.

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